Dr. Aphaxard J.N. Ndathi, PhD.

Education : PhD Dryland Resource Management (University of Nairobi), MSc. Range Management (University of Nairobi), and BSc Range Management (University of Nairobi).
Lecturer: Teaching units in BSc. Agriculture, Range Management, Dryland Agriculture and Dryland Animal Science and MSc. Livestock Production Systems.
Some of the course units taught include:
•    Range ecology II
•    Ration formulation and feed manufacturing
•    Range research methods
•    Pastoralism
•    Feed resources and animal nutrition
•    Integrated production systems
•    Sheep and goat production systems
•    Non-Ruminant production
•    Animal genetic resource and utilization
•    Global development and environmental sustainability
•    Range improvement and rehabilitation
Research Interests.
•    Range Animal Production with emphasis on feeds and feeding, production systems, nutrition.
•    Preservation and conservation of rangeland biodiversity
•    Improvement of rangelands for sustainable production and improved human wellbeing.
Recent Publications
Ndathi, A.J.N., Muthiani, E.N., Ndung’u, J.N., Ogollo, B.O., Kimitei, R.K., Manyeki, J.K., Katiku, P.N. and Mnene, W.N. 2013. Feed resources and utilization strategies in selected pastoral and agropastoral communities in Kenya. Livestock research for Rural Development. Volume 25, Article # 221.
Ndathi, A.J.N., Nyangito, M.M., Musimba, N.K.R. and Mitaru, B.N. 2012. Smallholder farmers’ feed material conservation strategies in the tropical dry-lands of South-eastern Kenya. Livestock research for Rural Development. Volume 24, Article # 96.
Ndathi, A.J.N., Nyangito, M.M., Musimba, N.K.R. and Mitaru, B.N. 2012. Farmers’ preference and nutritive value of selected indigenous plant feed materials for cattle in drylands of south-eastern Kenya. Livestock research for Rural Development. Volume 24, Article # 28.

Recent workshops/ Seminars included
•    The 9th JKUAT Scientific, technological and industrialization conference and exhibition. Science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. 13th and 15th November 2015. JKUAT, Kenya.
•    Climate change curriculum review meeting at Kenyatta university Conference centre (KUCC), 11th to 12th November 2014. Kenyatta University. Kenya.
•    The National stakeholders’ workshop to validate and contribute to the “Investing in healthy rangelands in a devolved Kenya” report. Workshop held at Boma Inn Hotel, South C Nairobi. 28th and 29th July 2015. Nairobi, Kenya.
•    The development of Kenya’s Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) workshop held from the 11th to 14th May 2015 at the Water Buck Hotel, Nakuru.

Ongoing Research
None at present