Staff and students today joined the Kwa Vonza community to mark the International Day of Peace. The theme for this year is Action for Peace: Our ambition for #Globalgoals. This event was successfully put together by the Cohesion and National Values Mainstreaming Unit headed by Dr. Norah Mose and the local area leadership led by Mr. Ronald Mbuvi.
The day started with a procession comprising of students, staff, local area leaders, the youth, business owners and other members of Kwa Vonza community. Different student groups entertained the gathering and the remarks were made by the different guests of the day. The message from the speakers was on maintain peace.
There was also a tree planting exercise to mark the International Day of Peace.


The names of graduands will be posted on the University website on 15th September, 2023 in the following order: First name, Middle name(s), Surname. The graduands are required to confirm the names and send correction if any to University Examinations Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. copied to Academic Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than Friday 6th October, 2023

Note: Graduands are advised not to introduce names other than those used during admission to the University.


All graduands are required to attend the rehearsal at the Graduation Pavilion at 10.00 a.m. on Wednesday 25th October 2023 dressed in full graduation attire. The graduands should be seated by 9.30 a.m.


The academic attire will be issued to graduands from 19th to 23rd October 2023, between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. at the respective Deans’/Campus Offices, upon producing a receipt of payment of the graduation fee as follows:

  • Diploma Kshs. 3000 
  • Undergraduate Kshs. 4000
  • Postgraduate Kshs. 5000 

The academic attire must be returned by 9th November 2023, failure to which it shall attract a penalty fee of Kshs 500.00 per day.


All graduands, parents/guardians and guests should be seated by 8.30 a.m.


Payments should be done through any one of the following: National Bank, SEKU Branch, A/c. 01021052862000; Equity Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 0720295920757; ABSA Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 2021558152; Co-operative Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 01129300544600; Family bank, Kitui branch, A/c. 072000038445; KCB, Kitui Branch, A/c. 1127693166

For any inquiries please contact Academic Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The School of Business and Economics held a successful postgraduate workshop under the theme Successful Design and Supervision of Empirical Research in Business and Economics, at the SEKU Kitui Campus courtesy of the CPC (Creating Postgraduate Collaborations) Project funded by the European Union. During the workshop, the postgraduate students who showed up in large numbers both physical and virtually, were taken through key aspects of empirical research and responsibilities of both the students and supervisors to ensure timely and quality postgraduate research engagements. The postgraduate students actively participated in the workshop and appreciated this great initiative and called upon the School to host similar workshops in future.

South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Migwani TVET Centre has been accredited by TVET Authority to offer three (3) Diploma and three (3) Craft courses. We are, therefore, inviting applications from qualified Privately Sponsored candidates for the Diploma and Craft programmes which will be studied at SEKU Migwani TVET Centre.

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Why Join SEKU's Digital Hub? We place a premium on quality education by working tirelessly to build a bright future for our students. At the moment, we are offering postgraduate programmes online. These are supported by an elaborate ICT infrastructure and vibrant Learning Management System, highly skilled administrative and technical support systems, multi-media library with a designated Research and Postgraduate section; and a teaching staff equipped with contemporary digital pedagogy methods.
A wide range of Postgraduate Courses are available for you to choose from. Enroll today for the September 2023 intake and grow your career in any one of listed market driven courses.

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South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Directorate of TVET - Wote Campus has been accredited by TVET Authority to offer twelve (12) Diploma and seven (7) Craft courses. We are, therefore, inviting applications from qualified Privately Sponsored candidates for the Diploma and Craft programmes which will be studied at SEKU Directorate of TVET Wote Campus.

No.Course NameDurationFull-time Fees (Tuition & Statutory)Caution Money FeePayable Once Fees (Tuition & Statutory)
1 Diploma in Project Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
2 Diploma in Human Resource Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
3 Diploma in Business Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
4 Diploma in Sales and Marketing Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
5 Diploma in Supply Chain Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
6 Diploma in Cooperative Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
7 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development Minimum 6 Semesters KES60,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES60,000.00
8 Diploma in Counseling (Disaster Management) Minimum 6 Semesters KES60,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES60,000.00
9 Diploma in Counseling (Guidance and Counseling) Minimum 6 Semesters KES60,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES60,000.00
10 Diploma in Road Transport Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
11 Diploma in International Freight Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
12 Diploma in Information Communication Technology Minimum 6 Semesters KES108,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES108,000.00
13 Diploma in Disaster Management Minimum 6 Semesters KES60,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES60,000.00
14 Diploma in Maritime Transport Logistics Minimum 6 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
15 Certificate in Human Resource Management Minimum 4 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
16 Certificate in Business Management Minimum 4 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
17 Certificate in Sales and Marketing Minimum 4 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
18 Certificate in Supply Chain Management Minimum 4 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
19 Certificate in Cooperative Management Minimum 4 Semesters KES72,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES72,000.00
20 Certificate in Social Work and Community Development Minimum 4 Semesters KES60,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES60,000.00
21 Certificate in Information Communication Technology Minimum 4 Semesters KES108,000.00 KES5,000.00 KES108,000.00

To be eligible for admission into the Certificate and Diploma programmes, an applicant must satisfy the following academic qualifications:
1) KCSE Mean Grade D Plain for Certificate programmes
2) KCSE Mean Grade C– (Minus) for Diploma programmes
Our Certificate and Diploma Programmes are TVETA Accredited and the Examining Body is KNEC

Application forms may be obtained from our website OR Wote Town Campus, Located 2.8Km from Wote Town, Next to Makueni County Governor’s Residence, along ACK Wote Township Boarding Primary School –Makueni G.K. Prison – Malivani Road. Tel: +254 111 417 951 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Application fee (non-refundable) of Ksh. 1,000/= is payable through the following bank accounts:
National Bank of Kenya (SEKU Branch) A/C No. 0102152862000, Equity Bank Ltd (Kitui Branch) A/C No. 0720295920757, Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd (Kitui Branch) A/C 2021558152, Co-operative Bank (Kitui Branch) A/C No. 01129300544600, Kenya Commercial Bank (Kitui Branch) A/C No. 1127693166, Family Bank (Kitui Branch) A/C No. 072000038445

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to South Eastern Kenya University. Congratulations for attaining the entry grades to join SEKU. Feel welcomed and much appreciated !!!!!!
The Dean of Students office puts you at the core of our activities and program. Your success is important to us at SEKU where we transform lives holistically.
It is my humble appeal for you to familiarize yourself with the University regulations by reading the student handbook already sent to your university email address.

Our office is mandated to ensure we promote student welfare and discipline in the University and operates on an open-door policy. Your welfare is achieved through working with several directorates, units, and sections. Some of the units have been listed at the end of this communication. You are encouraged to familiarize yourselves with the University website since most university information is posted and updated on the website. Access to the website has been made easy with our fast internet and Wifi in the University. Access also our facebook page (, linkedin ( and twitter (

You will be given all the information needed for you to settle smoothly in your university journey during the orientation week, which you should not miss as most communication is made during the week including unit registration and meeting your Deans of schools and head of departments not forgetting the University management. Nevertheless, I wish to share a few pointers as regards sections under our docket and support for you to prepare to receive more during the orientation week that begins on 29th August 2022.


This is the office of the student governing council, who are always a phone call away and ready to assist you and give you direction to services that you may require. They will be ready to welcome you and take you through any issues. The mandate of this office is to represent students and forward any concerns affecting students to management. They work hand in hand with the office of Dean of students to ensure there is harmony and smooth operations in the University.
The office is represented by officials with various mandates as follows: the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary general, Academic secretary, the Treasurer, Social Welfare Secretary and Satellite Campus representative.

Entertainment, Activities and Recreation Centre

The university offers various events and activities. They include the following to name but a few: Ladies night, Disco night, Talent show, Comedy night, Cultural week, Salsa, Mr. and Miss SEKU etc To end the orientation week on a high note, there will be entertainment for you on the orientation Friday.


SEKU boasts of several clubs which you will be encouraged to join upon admission. The club patrons and officials will be available during orientation week to give you a brief as well as enroll you to clubs of your choice.
The clubs include to name but a few:

  • Gender champions club
  • Integrity club
  • Entrepreneurship club – SEC
  • Badminton club
  • Environmental club
  • Riders club
  • Peer educators club
  • Scouts club
  • SEKUNSA- Nursing association
  • SEKU Christian Union
  • Brass band
  • SEKU Student choir
  • SEKU DRAMA Club (Modern dance, cultural dance, mimes, poetry, creative dance, spoken word, SALSA dance group etc)
  • Chess club

Psychosocial Support

While you are expected to assume more responsibility in your new environment, please realize that you are not alone if you need any psychological support. We have a counsellor’s office that will be made known to you and feel free to have a chat with the university counsellor if need be. We also have peer counselors just a text message away and support groups. This will be made clear on orientation day

Sports & Games Office/Extra – Curricular Activities

Make your time memorable and meaningful at South Eastern Kenya University.
SEKU has a range of experiences and sport activities that will be availed to you.
Please appreciate that extra-curricular activities and games in SEKU with experienced tutors, games officers and couches.

The sports performance of the University stands tall at different level especially in;

  • KUSA Central (CEKUSA) championships and leagues.
  • KUSA Nationals.
  • Other Open tournaments like SEKU Opens.

Some of the games include to name but a few:

  1. Soccer-men and female
  2. Basketball- men and female
  3. Hockey- men and female
  4. Lawn tennis- men and female
  5. Netball- women
  6. Handball – men and female
  7. Volleyball- men and female
  8. Badminton- men and female
  9. Table tennis- men and female
  10. Rugby- men and female
  11. Chess
  12. Skating

The University has its own sports facilities that meet the standards which includes;

  1. Soccer fields
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Hockey field
  4. Lawn tennis courts
  5. Netball courts
  6. Athletic track
  7. Volleyball courts
  8. Handball courts

We take this opportunity to welcome you all to join the University teams through Sports Office located at TBH 1 ground floor.

University Health Unit
Our health unit is a stone throw away from both the halls of study and halls of residence. The unit is tun by qualified health personnel and well equipped to handle your medical issues. We also have ambulance on stand by for any emergency as well as first aid services.

University Support Units
The following units will be of much support to you as a student in your four years in SEKU. More information on the units can be accessed on the website as well as during the orientation week by heads of Units

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) prevention unit
Career services, Disability mainstreaming, Gender mainstreaming, HIV and Aids control unit, Resolution of public complaints unit

We are delighted to be among the participants of the Kitui Agricultural Show and Trade Fair 2023 which was held at the Ithookwe Showground. The theme for the year was, Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security and Economic Growth. Some of our staff and students enthusiastically participated in this annual event. Dr. Harun, Kiruki, Mr. Benard Mweu and Mr. Danson Kioko, all members of staff, were showcasing products made from bamboo, seedlings that thrive in semi-arid land and tree seedelings best forsemi-arid land respectively. Farming using Artificial intelligence (AI) is now possible thanks to one of our students, Mr. Enock N. Katiku. Using cameras, sensors and actuators, Mr. Katiku developed a revolutionary invention that enables one to farm and monitor their plants from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Mr. Fredrick M. Maina was showcasing the cooking gel-like fuel is derived from maize or sorghum giving distilers grain as a byproduct. The production of the alcohol based fuel-gel involves breaking down the starch present in dry maize flour/sorghum into simple sugars, feeding these sugars to yeast and a fermentation takes place. Mr. Erick Nyokabi and Mr. Cobtic Sovit were showcasing compressed feed blocks are cost- effective food supplements that are used in preserving high moisture agro-industrial by-products. The general formula of feed blocks includes binders, a preservative, a mixture of ingredients that contain the desired nutrients (nitrogen, minerals, vitamins) and one of many energy rich agro- industrial by-products, such as molasses.

Important Information to First Year Students

    This is to inform 2022 KCSE candidates placed at South Eastern Kenya University that reporting date for registration and orientation is 28th August, 2023 at the Main Campus, Kwa-Vonza- Kitui County. Registration will start promptly at 8.00am. You are required to download the respective admission letter and joining instructions on the website
    Accommodation for all first year students is guaranteed upon payment and registration.
    Meals are served at the designated University kitchens on Pay as You Eat (PAYE) basis. No cooking is allowed in the Halls of residence.
    Students are advised to familiarize themselves with information provided in FORMJI/10 regarding fees structure and take necessary action regarding each of these items well before reporting to the University.
    Inter/Intra-School transfers are processed within the first two weeks of the semester on condition that a student meets the Cut of Points for the particular course and there is a vacancy.
    Kindly download the Joining Instructions document (forms) for more detailed information. The forms MUST be submitted to the University during registration on the reporting date.


A three member team from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) viisted our Migwani and Mtito-Andei Centres on a fact finding mission to ascertain our readiness to becoming licensed Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Centres.
The Authority regulates and coordinates the TVET sector through inspecting, accrediting and licensing TVET institutions, trainers and programs.
The team comprised of Mr. Samuel Kipkemei, Dr. Calvins Were and Mr. Dan Kiragu. The team inspected the lecture rooms, the labs and the office among other facilities that will be used by the learners. They also interacted with the policies put in place to ensure the success of the centres.

A 3-member team from the Commission for University Education (CUE) visited our university on an inspection visit specifically for the newly launched School of Law in readiness to receiving its first cohort of students. The team consisted of Dr. Eunice Keta, Dr. Omosa Ntabo and Ms. Sarah Ooro.
The team first held a briefing meeting with the Prof. Wachira, Ag. Vice-Chancellor, Amb. Koki Grignon, the Dean of the School and other members of the University that have been very instrumental in the development of the School of Law.
The team then visited the facilities the School of Law library and the Moot court which are an important aspect of the School and were impressed with the effort we’ve put in.

The university invites applications from interested students, who would wish to operate the tuck shops for the next 1 year starting 1st July 2023 to 30th June 2024. Interested and eligible students who have / own registered firms / associations or groups may download application forms from the university website ONLY and returned to the Tender box in the Procurement Offices on or before 2nd May 2023 at 10:00AM. This offer is in line with the Government policy to provide procurement opportunities to the youth aged between 18 to 35 years.
NB: Students currently operating tuck-shops are also required to re-apply if they wish to continue running the tuck-shops.

This university annual event is one of the most celebrated activities in the University. It is a longtime favorite among the students community. The global pandemic brought almost all the University activities to a standstill and we are glad that the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic is almost a thing of the past.
The theme of this year’s Culture Week is ‘Our culture, our identity, our pride. This theme emphasizes on the need to appreciate and promote talents and skills among our students’ individual cultures. These skills are reflected through diverse performances such as traditional and modern dances, poetry, narratives, skits and the catwalk.
This week is a very important part of our university because we get to see outstanding personalities and performances from our students and we are delighted to see what they offer after such a long break. The Culture Week encourages inclusive, equitable and vibrant participation by communities in different sectors.
The culmination of the Culture Week is the Gala Night and Award Ceremony where crowning of Mr and Miss SEKU happened, which is a favourite among the students.

Staff and students turned up in good numbers to participate in the Compassionate Day held on 16th March, 2023 in a bid to garner support for the needy students in the University. The support could be in terms of finances, clothe and sanitary pads.
The Compassionate Day was flagged off by Prof. Muli, the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies, and it involved a walk led by the University Clubs and Associations from the University’s Gate B to the Pavilion and lastly a tree planting exercise.
Prof. Ng’ang’a, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic, Research and Innovation while giving her remarks emphasized the need to be there and help others because tables could easily turn even for those doing exemplary well. She added that it shoud be made a regular thing so that we never have cases of students lacking the basic needs.

A three member team from the Council of Legal Education led by the AG. Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Mary Murugi visited our university to present our certificate to the Vice-Chancellor and other members of the University management.
The journey to the establishment of the School of Law has been long but the Council offered the requisite guidance that has gotten us and we are more than delighted to receive the License. We look forward to receiving our first lot of the government sponsored students later in September.

30 March 2023
16 March 2023
17 February 2023
04 October 2022