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The directorate of linkages and international programmes was set up in 2012, which is meant to be the gateway of the world to SEKU. The directorate has the following mandates, to;

  • Develop, implement, evaluate and review linkages and international affairs policy
  • Coordinate local and international industrial attachments and extension
  • Be responsible for the welfare of external/international visiting staff and occasional/exchange staff/students while at the university
  • Assist in travel arrangements for the university teaching staff/students as well as visiting scholars and occasional students
  • Coordinate external activities by university staff/students visiting other institutions /universities locally and internationally
  • Draft negotiations leading to the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoUs) links/or aid/research agreements and scrutinizing the same before they are executed
  • Receive, review progress reports periodically submitted to the donor under the terms of the MoU/agreement and recommending renewals or otherwise
  • Ensure compliance by the benefiting departments and their international counterparts with the terms of the MoU and agreements
  • Keep records and updating of all links and agreements the University has with International Universities/ Organizations
  • Process all linkage and cooperation MoUs for signing by the Vice-Chancellor after approval by the senate
  • Undertake any other linkages and International Affairs matters as may be referred by the University Management Board, Senate or the Council from time to time.
  • So far a number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed between various organizations (both local and international) with SEKU.

The following MoUs among others have been finalized


The following are under discussion with the Board of Management of DLIP


Any member of SEKU is encouraged to initiate a partnership with any like-minded institution for the betterment and welfare of SEKU.


Collaboration Areas Donor Period Project Coordinator Principal Investigator
South Eastern Kenya UniversityKenyatta University Research & Development project titled: Enhancing Nutrition and Food Security through Improved Capacity of Agricultural Higher Education Institutions in East & Southern Africa European Union CEU under the African Caribbean and Pacific Group of States Grant No. FED/2013/320-148 36 months 2014-2017 Dr. Maina Mwangi Kenyatta University Prof. Reuben Muasya
South Eastern Kenya University and the Centre of Life & Food Sciences Weinhenstephan of the Technische Universitat Munchen

Conservation Biology & Evolutionary ecology to implement the project Population viability analyses of the Kenyan endomic bird species Hindes Babbler:  A flagship species of understanding and conserving riparian ecosystems

  • Academic exchanges of staff
  • Joint research activities
  • Participation in seminars and academic meetings
  • Exchange of publications, academic materials and other information
  • Exchange of research students on reciprocal basis with tuition waiver
  • Joint quality assurance benchmarking
Technische Universitat Munchen 2014-2019    
South Eastern Kenya University and VU University Amsterdam (VUA)
  • Promote external understanding in education and research
  • Establishment of joint trans disciplinary applied Research Centre (TARC)
  • Set up the TARC’s demand-driven action research program
  • Strengthen existing initiatives, research projects and education programs
  • Building research knowledge and capacity
  • Exchange of scientific and educational literature produced by either or both the parties
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, workshops and/or symposia of mutual interest to the institutions
 VU University Amsterdam Four years 2014-2018    
South Eastern Kenya University and Smart Logistics Solution Ltd SLS
  • Jointly implement production of Agricultural crops and environmental conservation initiatives
  • Work jointly on community empowerment initiatives in dryland areas
  • Collaborate in staff capacity development programmes
  • Organize and participate in conferences, workshops
  • Facilitate modern agriculture technology transfer and knowledge resources sharing
  • Joint research and training activities in Agriculture and related areas
South Eastern Kenya University & Smart Logistics Solution Ltd Five Years 2014-2019    
South Eastern Kenya UniversityNational Environment Management Authority
  • Environmental conservation and management-related projects, activities and research
  • Implementing environmental conservation initiatives/projects
  • Working on environmental community empowerment initiatives
  • Working on staff capacity building and training programmes
South Eastern Kenya University and NEMA Five years 2013-2023    
South Eastern Kenya UniversityMogadishu University in Mogadishu, Somalia

Establish and encourage mutually beneficial educational, scientific, technical and other relations with the aim of nurturing local, national and regional (East Africa) regional development as well as international understanding between neighbouring countries.

  • Student activities and staff exchange for capacity building
  • Joint research in arid and semi arid land agriculture and water resource management
  • Organization of conferences, seminars and symposia
SEKU and Mogadishu University Five years 2013-2018    
South Eastern Kenya University and Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI)

Research & capacity building in Environment and Natural Resource Conservation

  • Promote joint research and development
  • Provide an instrument for establishing various collaborative initiatives for growth and mutual benefit of the two institutions
  • Enhance professional skills of students and staff through training
  • Collaborate in the collection, use and conservation of tree germ plasm
  • Jointly carry out relevant technical advisory services and consultancies
Kenya Forestry Research Institute and SEKU Five years 2013-2018    
South Eastern University College & Green Africa Foundation
  • Collaborate in dryland agriculture and environment related projects and research
  • Jointly implement environment conservation initiatives
  • Work jointly on community empowerment initiatives
  • Collaborate in staff capacity development programmes
  • Facilitate modern technology transfer
  • Jointly develop and implement research proposals
Green Africa Foundation Five Years 2011-2016    
South Eastern Kenya University and Electoral Leadership Institute (ELI)
  • Facilitate training of key stakeholders in elections, governance & democracy using the BRIDGE curriculum
  • Joint resources mobilization
  • Joint bidding for consultancy projects
  • Establishment of a research and documentation centre
 SEKU & ELI Five years 2010-2015    
South Eastern Kenya UniversityRepublic of Korea

Promoting educational and academic exchanges

  • Academic staff cooperation on collaborative research, lectures, conferences
  • Exchange of educational resource materials
  • Development of student exchange programs
  • Identification of short-term academic programs and projects
SEKU and Wonkwang University, Republic of Korea Five years 2012-2017    
South Eastern Kenya UniversitySteno Diabetes Centre, Denmark
  • Conduct research in prevention and treatment of diabetes and related non-communicable diseases
  • To develop research capacity in Kenya and Denmark
  • Implement advisory and consultant activities
SEKU and Steno Diabetes Centre 2012-December 2014    
South Eastern Kenya UniversityRegional Institute for Social Enterprise (Rise, Kenya)
  • Joint mitigation and adaptation against climate change, particularly in the lower Eastern Counties of Kitui, Machakos and Mwingi
  • Joint resource mobilization
  • Joint research in areas as may from time to time be mutually agreed upon
  • Joint capacity development  with a special focus on Value Chain Mapping and Analysis
  • Joint project design, monitoring and evaluation
  • Knowledge management
Rice-Kenya World Vision Three years 2013-2016    

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