Important Information to First Year Group 2023

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to South Eastern Kenya University. Congratulations for attaining the entry grades to join SEKU. Feel welcomed and much appreciated !!!!!!
The Dean of Students office puts you at the core of our activities and program. Your success is important to us at SEKU where we transform lives holistically.
It is my humble appeal for you to familiarize yourself with the University regulations by reading the student handbook already sent to your university email address.

Our office is mandated to ensure we promote student welfare and discipline in the University and operates on an open-door policy. Your welfare is achieved through working with several directorates, units, and sections. Some of the units have been listed at the end of this communication. You are encouraged to familiarize yourselves with the University website since most university information is posted and updated on the website. Access to the website has been made easy with our fast internet and Wifi in the University. Access also our facebook page (, linkedin ( and twitter (

You will be given all the information needed for you to settle smoothly in your university journey during the orientation week, which you should not miss as most communication is made during the week including unit registration and meeting your Deans of schools and head of departments not forgetting the University management. Nevertheless, I wish to share a few pointers as regards sections under our docket and support for you to prepare to receive more during the orientation week that begins on 29th August 2022.


This is the office of the student governing council, who are always a phone call away and ready to assist you and give you direction to services that you may require. They will be ready to welcome you and take you through any issues. The mandate of this office is to represent students and forward any concerns affecting students to management. They work hand in hand with the office of Dean of students to ensure there is harmony and smooth operations in the University.
The office is represented by officials with various mandates as follows: the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary general, Academic secretary, the Treasurer, Social Welfare Secretary and Satellite Campus representative.

Entertainment, Activities and Recreation Centre

The university offers various events and activities. They include the following to name but a few: Ladies night, Disco night, Talent show, Comedy night, Cultural week, Salsa, Mr. and Miss SEKU etc To end the orientation week on a high note, there will be entertainment for you on the orientation Friday.


SEKU boasts of several clubs which you will be encouraged to join upon admission. The club patrons and officials will be available during orientation week to give you a brief as well as enroll you to clubs of your choice.
The clubs include to name but a few:

  • Gender champions club
  • Integrity club
  • Entrepreneurship club – SEC
  • Badminton club
  • Environmental club
  • Riders club
  • Peer educators club
  • Scouts club
  • SEKUNSA- Nursing association
  • SEKU Christian Union
  • Brass band
  • SEKU Student choir
  • SEKU DRAMA Club (Modern dance, cultural dance, mimes, poetry, creative dance, spoken word, SALSA dance group etc)
  • Chess club

Psychosocial Support

While you are expected to assume more responsibility in your new environment, please realize that you are not alone if you need any psychological support. We have a counsellor’s office that will be made known to you and feel free to have a chat with the university counsellor if need be. We also have peer counselors just a text message away and support groups. This will be made clear on orientation day

Sports & Games Office/Extra – Curricular Activities

Make your time memorable and meaningful at South Eastern Kenya University.
SEKU has a range of experiences and sport activities that will be availed to you.
Please appreciate that extra-curricular activities and games in SEKU with experienced tutors, games officers and couches.

The sports performance of the University stands tall at different level especially in;

  • KUSA Central (CEKUSA) championships and leagues.
  • KUSA Nationals.
  • Other Open tournaments like SEKU Opens.

Some of the games include to name but a few:

  1. Soccer-men and female
  2. Basketball- men and female
  3. Hockey- men and female
  4. Lawn tennis- men and female
  5. Netball- women
  6. Handball – men and female
  7. Volleyball- men and female
  8. Badminton- men and female
  9. Table tennis- men and female
  10. Rugby- men and female
  11. Chess
  12. Skating

The University has its own sports facilities that meet the standards which includes;

  1. Soccer fields
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Hockey field
  4. Lawn tennis courts
  5. Netball courts
  6. Athletic track
  7. Volleyball courts
  8. Handball courts

We take this opportunity to welcome you all to join the University teams through Sports Office located at TBH 1 ground floor.

University Health Unit
Our health unit is a stone throw away from both the halls of study and halls of residence. The unit is tun by qualified health personnel and well equipped to handle your medical issues. We also have ambulance on stand by for any emergency as well as first aid services.

University Support Units
The following units will be of much support to you as a student in your four years in SEKU. More information on the units can be accessed on the website as well as during the orientation week by heads of Units

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) prevention unit
Career services, Disability mainstreaming, Gender mainstreaming, HIV and Aids control unit, Resolution of public complaints unit

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