July 2024 NEW

  • Provision of Land Surveying and Mapping Services for SEKU-Kitui Town Campus (SEKU/PROC/ONT/007/2024/2025) | Download
  • Framework Agreement for Procurement of Fresh Water Using Water Bowsers/tankers (SEKU/PROC/ONT/001/2024-2026) | Download
  • Framework Agreement for Procurement of Clinical Drugs, Pharmaceutical Equipment & Reagents (SEKU/PROC/ONT/002/2024-2026) | Download
  • Servicing of Firefighting Equipment And Related Services (SEKU/PROC/ONT/006/2024 - 2026) | Download
  • Framework Agreement for Repair And Sericing of University Generators (SEKU/PROC/ONT/003/2024-2026) | Download
  • Framework Agreement for Procurement of Various Office Stationery Items (SEKU/PROC/ONT/004/2024-2026) (Reserved For Y,w & Pwds) | Download
  • Framework Agreement for Procurement of Tyres And Batteries (SEKU/PROC/ONT/005/2024-2026) (Reserved For Y,w & Pwds) | Download

May 2024

  • Provision of Staff Insurance Cover Gpa/wiba | Download
  • Provision of Staff Medical Insurance Cover | Download
  • Framework Tender For Provision Of Sanitary Bin Services (special Groups)  | Download
  • Tender for the Proposed Construction of Humanities and Social Sciences Lecture Halls - Seku Main Campus | Download
  • Disposal of Obsolete Assorted Items | Download

March 2024

  • Food Eatery Opposite Central Administration Block | Download
  • Addendum | Download
  • Leasing of Students’ Catering Kitchens at Seku Main Campus in Victoria and Yatta hostels | Download
  • Provision of cleaning services for Seku Main Campus, Kitui Town Campus, Wote Campus, Mtito Andei Campus & Migwani TVET Centre | Download

February 2024

  • Consultancy services for Design,Construction and supervision of Humanitiesand social sciences lecture halls ( Revised) | Download
  • Tuck Shop Application Form | Download

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