HIV/AIDS has been one of the world's most serious public health challenges and sub-Saharan Africa has been the worst affected. In Kenya, the average prevalence is at 5% with the age bracket of 15-49 years being the most affected. The unit is concerned with issues relating to HIV/AIDS counselling, testing and post-testing services. It works closely with the University Health Unit, Student Counselling Unit as well as student peer counselors. The main activities of the SEKU HIV and Aids unit include:

  • HIV Testing as the beginning of prevention. All are encouraged to know their status
  • Counselling and post-testing care for students and staff, geared towards behaviour change
  • Sensitization on HIV situation, facts, adherence to HIV treatment, relationship to other non-communicable diseases, reduction of stigma and discrimination
  • On campus activities extends to ABCD of behaviour change, World AIDS Day celebrations, community outreach, continuous testing, counselling and post-testing care.

The Unit continues to serve the SEKU fraternity through sensitizations on matters HIV; non communicable diseases: communicable diseases: Covid 19: mental health and the ABCD of behaviour change.
Facilitated by professionals in the respective fields, the sensitizations offer up to date information on the thematic areas aimed at helping our community be informed and better take care of themselves.
SEKU health week offers the university community a chance for a free medical check for HIV, various cancers, blood sugar and blood pressure. This is accompanied by counselling and insights into the benefits of regular checks and its association with diet and life styles. Self-care, communal sensitivity, well informed, zero discrimination and a healthier SEKU populate has been and remains our sole purpose.

The unit is headed by Dr Anne Kabui