The 9th Graduation Ceremony to be held on Tuesday 18th October 2022 at The Main Campus (Kwa-Vonza-Kitui) Starting at 9.00 A.M.



The names of graduands were posted on the University website on 23rd August, 2022 in the following order: First name, Middle name(s), Surname. The graduands are required to confirm the names and send correction if any to University Examinations Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. copied to Registrar (Academic and Student Affairs) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. not later than Tuesday 13th September, 2022

Note: Graduands are advised not to introduce names other than those used during admission to the University.


All graduands are required to attend the rehearsal at the Graduation Pavilion at 10.00 a.m. on Monday 17th October 2022 dressed in full graduation attire. The graduands should be seated by 9.30 a.m.


The academic attire will be issued to graduands from 11th to 14th October 2022, between 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. at the respective Deans’/Campus Offices, upon producing a receipt of payment of the graduation fee as follows:

  • Diploma Kshs. 3000
  • Undergraduate Kshs. 4000
  • Postgraduate Kshs. 5000

The academic attire must be returned by 3rd November 2022, failure to which it shall attract a penalty fee of Kshs 500.00 per day.


All graduands, parents/guardians and guests should be seated by 8.30 a.m.


Payments should be done through any one of the following:

  • National Bank, SEKU Branch, A/c. 0102152862000;
  • Equity Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 0720295920757;
  • Barclays Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 2021558152;
  • Co-operative Bank, Kitui Branch, A/c. 01129300544600;
  • Family bank, Kitui branch, A/c. 072000038445

For any inquiries please contact Registrar (Academic and Student Affairs) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Note: This announcement supersedes the earlier one that this Graduation

Ceremony will be held virtual.


SEKU research and innovation week final abstract callSUBJECT AREAS

  1. Agriculture, Environment, Water and Natural Resources
  2. Business and Economics
  3. Education, Humanities and social Sciences
  4. Science & Computing
  5. Engineering
  6. Health Sciences

Abstract should contain 300 words, font style 12 Times Roman. Abstract should consist of the article title (bold), authors and their affiliations. The corresponding authors should include emails and telephone numbers.

Please send your abstracts to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. Abstract Submission - 15th October 2022
  2. Registration - 28th October 2022
  3. Exhibition registration - 28th October 2022


Non students: KES 2000 (US$ 20)

Students KES 1000 (US$ 10)

Commercial exhibitors KES 5000 (US$ 50)

Student exhibitors: KES 3000 (US$ 30)

Article Presentation

SEKU Main Campus, Kitui County, 5 km (tarmac) off  Kwa - Vonza

Exhibitors will be allocated a 10x10 ft space to display their products




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 01021053129100



It is my great pleasure to welcome you to South Eastern Kenya University. Congratulations for attaining the entry grades to join SEKU. Feel welcomed and much appreciated!!!!!!
The Dean of Students office puts you at the core of our activities and program. Your success is important to us at SEKU where we transform lives.
It is my humble appeal for you to familiarize yourself with the University regulations by reading the student handbook already sent to your university email address.

Our office is mandated to ensure we promote student welfare and discipline in the University. This is achieved through working with several directorates, units, and sections. Some of the units have been listed at the end of this communication. You are encouraged to familiarize yourselves with the University website since most university information is posted and updated on the website. Access to the website has been made easy with our fast internet and Wifi in the University.
You will be given all the information needed for you to settle smoothly in your university journey during the orientation week. Nevertheless, I wish to share a few pointers as regards sections under our docket and support for you to prepare to receive more during the orientation week that begins on 29th August 2022.

This is the office of the student governing council, who are always a phone call away and ready to assist you and give you direction to services that you may require. The mandate of this office is to represent students and forward any concerns affecting students to management. They work hand in hand with the office of Dean of students to ensure there is harmony and smooth operations in the University. They will give you an elaborate orientation as you arrive in campus.
The office is represented by officials with various mandates as follows: the Chairman, Vice chairman, Secretary general, Academic secretary, the Treasurer, Social Welfare Secretary and Satellite Campus representative.

The university offers various events and activities. They include the following to name but a few: Ladies night, Disco night, Talent show, Comedy night, Cultural week, Salsa, Mr. and Miss SEKU etc

SEKU boasts of several clubs which you will be encouraged to join upon admission. The club patrons and officials will be available during orientation week to give you a brief (as per the orientation program) as regards objectives and activities of the clubs.
The clubs include to name but a few:

  • Gender champions club
  • Integrity club
  • Entrepreneurship club – SEC
  • Badminton club
  • Environmental club
  • Riders club
  • Peer educators club
  • Scouts club
  • SEKUNSA- Nursing association
  • SEKU Christian Union
  • SEKU Student choir
  • SEKU DRAMA Club (Modern dance, cultural dance, mimes, poetry, creative dance, spoken word, SALSA dance group etc)

While you are expected to assume more responsibility in your new environment, please realize that you are not alone if you need any psychological support. We have a counsellor’s office that will be made known to you and feel free to have a chat with the university counsellor if need be. We also have peer counselors just a text message away and support groups. This will be made clear on orientation day

Make your time memorable and meaningful at South Eastern Kenya University.
SEKU has a range of experiences and sport activities that will be availed to you.
Please appreciate that extra-curricular activities and games in SEKU with experienced tutors, games officers and couches.
The sports performance of the University stands tall at different level especially in;

  • KUSA Central (CEKUSA) championships and leagues.
  • KUSA Nationals.
  • Other Open tournaments like SEKU Opens.

Some of the games include to name but a few:

  1. Soccer-men and female
  2. Basketball- men and female
  3. Hockey- men and female
  4. Lawn tennis- men and female
  5. Netball- women
  6. Handball – men and female
  7. Volleyball- men and female
  8. Badminton- men and female
  9. Table tennis- men and female
  10. Rugby- men and female

The University has its own sports facilities that meet the standards which includes;

  1. Soccer fields
  2. Basketball courts
  3. Hockey field
  4. Lawn tennis courts
  5. Netball courts
  6. Athletic track
  7. Volleyball courts
  8. Handball courts

We take this opportunity to welcome you all to join the University teams through Sports Office located at TBH 1 ground floor.

Our health unit is a stone throw away from both the halls of study and halls of residence. The unit is tun by qualified health personnel and well equipped to handle your medical issues. We also have ambulance on stand by for any emergency as well as first aid services.

The following units will be of much support to you as a student in your four years in SEKU. More information on the units can be accessed on the website as well as during the orientation week by heads of Units

  1. The Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ADA) prevention unit
  2. Career services
  3. Disability mainstreaming
  4. Gender mainstreaming
  5. HIV and Aids control unit
  6. Resolution of public complaints unit

South Eastern Kenya University invites applications from students interested in the work-study program for September 2022 to December 2022 Semester – 2022/2023 Academic Year.
Eligibility Criteria

  1. Evidence of financial need.
  2. Be a full-time student at SEKU.
  3. Availability of work study vacancy in the following sections: Central Services, Library, Kitchen, Games and Sports, Choir, Landscaping or University Farm.
  4. Must maintain high level of discipline during the programme.
  5. Must have satisfactory academic standing.
  6. Must have completed first semester of the first year in the University.

Application Procedure

  1. Visit the University website and log in.
  2. Fill all the information requested for in the Online Work Study Application Form (OWSAF).
  3. Attach any relevant support documents in the prescribed places in the Online Work Study Application Form (OWSAF).
  4. After filling all the required information and inserting attachment online, please click on submit to complete the process.


  1. The students shall be paid the prevailing government minimum wage for skilled and unskilled (where applicable) workers.
  2. The average work schedule shall be from 10 to 16 hours a week (1.25 to 2 days /week).

For further enquiries, send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
NOTE: Giving false information in the application form will lead to disqualification.

Online Work Study Application Form (OWSAF).

A.S.K Machakos Show Chief Guest, Mr. Joseph Kimote, The Managing Director Of The National Cereals And Produce Board Visits Seku Stand

We are delighted to have the Agricultural Society of Kenya, Machakos Show Chief Guest, Mr. Josheph Kimote, the Managing Director, National Cereals and Produce Board visits our stand. Mr. Kimote, who was accompanied by other members of the Agricultural Society of Kenya was impressed to see our students with such innovative minds and lauded the University for offering the requisite support. He urged the students not to stop at the A.S.K Show and that they should engage in large-scale production to solve the current societal problems. The Chief Guest also expressed his desire to see their products on the market soon.

Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade - Machakos national show

After a 2 year break occasioned by the global pandemic, COVID 19, we are delighted to participate in this year’s Machakos National Show under the theme ‘Promoting Innovation and Technology in Agriculture and Trade'.

We have exhibitions from two of our students and we are proud to be sharing the innovations of our hardworking students with the rest of the world.

Erick Nyokabi and Diana Ayuma, both from the School of Business and Economics persuing bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Statistics and Procurement and Supply Chain Management respectively focused on fodder feeds. The wheat grains are soaked in water and spread on a flat tray. They are watered twice daily and in 5-8 days, the feed is ready and can be fed to domestic animals. The beauty of it is that the feed is rich in vitamins, starch and proteins that supply nutrients to the animals. 1 kilogramme of grains will give 14 kilogrammes of fodder feed and this can be done in small and large scale production.

Erick also prepared a fuel gel that he currently being referred to as SEKU fuel gel which is prepared using an analytical chemistry process where a base and an acid are reacted. He had also produced an aluminium jiko which uses this fuel gel.

Enock Nzioka, a 4th year Information Technology student has developed a hardware iot and software to help farmers set up control irrigation. The control is through SMS and the data collected can be accessed through an online server.

Enock is also utilising X and Y axis to give life to objects by adding a Z axis. This 3D printing creates objects from design using PLA and ABS. So many of the participants were thrilled to see the objects printed using this technology.

University of New Hampshire and Kenya Connect Visit SEKU

Staff from the University of New Hampshire, School of Social Work and Nursing Faculty and Kenya Connect visited SEKU on a mission to discuss collaboration opportunities for the three institutions.
The Nursing Faculty has been working with Kenya Connect on a programme to decrease teen pregnancies and to break the cycle of gender-based violence, issues that have been gradually on the rise in the recent past.
Part of the discussion was possible collaborations with Nursing students, educators and researchers between SEKU, UNH and Kenya Connect. There were also discussions on how the Faculty of Nursing can support the goals of both South Eastern Kenya University and Kenya Connect.
SEKU students will also stand to benefit from internship opportunities at Kenya Connect among other opportunities.

The Team in a meeting with Prof. Reuben Muasya, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance, Planning and Development.

The School of Agriculture, Environment, Water and Natural Resources hosted staff from Weihenstephan-Triesdorf (HSWT), University of Applied Sciences of Federal Republic of Germany.

The two institutions are in the process of jointly implementing a number of projects which include; Digitization project: development of digital learning materials for ‘Agricultural economics’ and ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Food Value Chains’, introduction of a Summer school on Curriculum Development for junior teaching staff and developing a Master programme in Farm Management among others.

HSWT’s academic partners in the project ‘HSWT goes international: Internationalizing Best Practices’ are Derbe Markos University in Ethiopia, South Eastern Kenya University in Kenya, Khon Kaen University in Thailand and The Evergreen State College in the USA.

1st Cohort of Bsc. Medical Laboratory Sciences Programme

We are delighted to have our pioneer students for the BSC. Medical Laboratory Science program. The lot joined in after a though inspection exercise and subsequent approval by both the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB) and the Commission for University Education (CUE).
The twenty eager learners are coming in at a time when there are state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities for their use and a wealth of knowledge from seasoned lecturers.
We recently had the issuance of Student Indexing Cards and Logbooks from the Programme Regulatory/Professional Body which is the  Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board (KMLTTB).  The event was graced by Prof. Zipporah Nganga, DVC, ARSA, Dr. John Koga, Registrar, ASA. Also in attendance were Prof. Catherine Mwenda, The Dean of Health Sciences,  Programme Co-ordinator Mr. Lameck Ontweka, Section coordinator Mr. Nathan Kiboi and Technical staff in the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences.

9th Annual Education, Research and Evaluation International Conference

We were privileged to host the 9 th Annual International Education, Research and Evaluation International Conference. The conference was organized by The Society of Educational Research and Evaluation in Kenya (SEREK) in collaboration with South Eastern Kenya University.
The theme of the conference was ‘Socio-Economic Development in Africa in the 21 st Century:
Innovations, Constraints and Comparative Politics’. The conference attracted scholars and Educational stakeholders with the aim of brainstorming on the issues affecting Education and humanity through various presentations, discussions and networking. The scholars also recommend policy actions that will be able to effectively and efficiently solve the problems.

The Council Visits SEKU Assets

The Council recently visited the university’s assets in different areas. The team started off with a tour and tree planting exercise at the Mtito-Andei Centre. The team then proceeded to Mwingi where the Mwingi Professional Group generously donated thirty acres of land to the university for the establishment of a campus. Plans to develop this parcel of land are underway and the community members are positive about the progress this will bring to the community.
The university also benefited from another generous donation of five acres of land in Migwani from Senior Chief Kasina. There are already infrastructural developments on the said land and we hope to pump life into it by introducing some of the courses there.

Community Outreach Programme - Ngoleni Secondary School

The new year 2022 has started off on a high note for the School of Agriculture, Water, Environment and Natural Resources (SAEWNR). On 11th January, a team of seventy-seven students from Ngoleni Secondary School Machakos accompanied by their two teachers paid the university a courtesy call. Their mission was clear. They wanted to benefit from the strong mentorship programme run by the school which so far has reached out to hundreds of high school students from Kitui and Machakos Counties.
The outreach programme is aimed at mentoring high school students to achieve their career goals as well as promoting courses offered in the school and University at large.
During the visit SAEWNR emphasised on the academic excellence and discipline if students were to achieve their goals. The visiting students were also briefed on how to go about choosing the courses in the KUCCPS website. We believe this programme will positively impact the life of Ngoleni students as well as market our university. The students also visited the University library to see where all knowledge is stored.

Community Outreach Programme - Kinaka Secondary School

The School of Agriculture, Environment, Water and Natural Resources (SAEWNR) was privileged to host fifty-eight (58) students from Kinaka Secondary School. On the same day, another team of one hundred and twenty students(120) from Ngiini Secondary School.
The visitors wanted to benefit from the strong mentorship programme run by the school which so far has reached out to hundreds of high school students from Kitui and the neighbouring Machakos Counties.
The outreach programme is aimed at mentoring high school students to achieve their career goals as well as promoting courses offered in the school and University at large.
During the visit SAEWNR staff emphasised on the academic excellence and discipline if students were to achieve their academic goals. The students also visited the University library and the lecture halls as well to get a feel of how learning takes place at the university level and to motivate them to work harder so that they can join the higher learning institutions.

KEFRI graduate research school benchmarking visit

A three-member team from Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI) newly established KEFRI Graduate Research School (KGRS) visited SEKU on a benchmarking visit to discuss a proposed partnership between the two institutions. KGRS seeks to unlock its research potential and efficiency by providing shared platform for scientists, scholars and young graduates to translate ideas into actions.
The team was led by the Chief Research Scientist and Coordinator of the Graduate School, Dr. Michael Mukolwe who was accompanied by Dr. Jared Amwata and Ms. Janet Wanjiru.
The discussions also focused on matters of collaboration, mutual interest and benefits between the two institutions as well as matters of Education, research and innovation and outreach.
The Office of the Directorate of Council Affairs, Linkages and International Programmes took lead of the meeting to ensure fruition of the proposed partnership once deliberations are completed.

SEKU annual tree planting exercise

Trees are very important to human beings, animals and plants and are a very integral part of the ecosystem. Tree planting is also one of the most effective ways of mitigating the effects of climate change.
SEKU held its annual Tree Planting exercise earlier today at the university farm. Staff and students participated in this annual activity where a total of over 5,000 Eucalyptus clones (hybrid) tree seedlings were planting.
While leading the exercise, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance, Planning and Development, Prof. Muasya urged the staff and students to ensure they visit the farm regularly to see the progress of the trees planted.

Students and teachers from Mutonguni Girls take a group photo together with staff from School of Agriculture, Water, Environment and Natural Resources


The School runs a community outreach programme aimed at mentoring high school students to achieve their career goals as well as promoting courses offered in the school and University at large. On Friday the 12th November, we hosted 47 students and 3 teachers from Mutonguni Girls, Machakos County for a career mentorship programme. This programme helps give the form four students clarity of mind when it comes to career options and an indepth knowledge of what each career entails. mutonguni girls at seku Research and innovation centre png

Students from Mutonguni Girls visit our Research and innovation centre.

South Eastern kenya University 8th Graduation Ceremony

We are so delighted to celebrate our 8th graduation today. A total number of 1342 graduands were conferred with various degrees, 1 honorary, 1 doctorate, 12 masters and 1328 bachelors degree.
Arch. David Muoka Mutiso was also conferred with a Doctor of Science degree (Honoris Causa) during the celebration. This decision made by the University Council and Senate was made following Arch. Mutiso's tremendous contributions in the field of architecture, building and construction where he has excelled both as a leader and as an expert. Arch. Mutiso also served as the 2nd Chairman of Ukamba Agricultural Institute (UKAI), which was the predecessor of the South Eastern University College which later evolved to the current South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU).
The Chief Guest, Hon. Mumina Bonaya, the Chief Administrative Secretary, State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education and University Education and Research while congratulating the graduands, lauded the university on the milestones that we have made as a learning institution even in the face of the game changer, Covid 19.
The Chairman of Council, Dr. Swabah Omar, in her speech, outlined the progress the institution as made in the past, the laid out the plans of development that are currently a work in progress and expressed gratitude for the support that the government has extended to the university. She expressed the council full commitment to work with the management and staff to enable the university attain its vision of being a globally competitive centre of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and service.
The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Muluvi, expressed the milestones we have made as an institution one being that, the University got accreditation from the TIVET Authority to offer TIVET courses both at diploma and certificate levels. We also got the first cohort of government sponsored engineering students this September. We also received the interim authority to offer bachelor of medical laboratory science and received accreditation to offer Bachelor of Public Health.
We congratulate our class of 2021!!